Artcurial Paris plant am 20. Oktober 2023 eine Auktion mit dem Titel “Eclectic Eye: A European Collection” zu veranstalten. Die Sammlung umfasst fast 160 Kunstwerke und Dekorationskunstwerke aus verschiedenen Epochen und Genres, die in den letzten beiden Jahrzehnten von namhaften Sammlern erworben wurden. Ein Highlight ist ein 2011 geschaffenes Rundbild von Olafur Eliasson mit dem Titel “Colour experiment nº43”, das Eliassons Erforschung einer neuen Farbtheorie mit prismatischer Farbgebung repräsentiert. Weitere bemerkenswerte Objekte sind ein Schreibtischkonsolentisch aus der Louis XVI-Ära von Ferdinand Bury aus dem Jahr 1774, ein Salzfass aus Limoges um 1580, das Gemälde “Drive way” von Peter Doig sowie “Bleus Mouvants” von František Kupka und “Pelle di foglie, 5 foglie” von Giuseppe Penone. Die Auktion findet bei Artcurial in Paris statt.

Strategies and Key Players

In order to ensure the success of the “Eclectic Eye: A European Collection” auction, Artcurial has employed various strategies and partnered with key players in the art industry. These strategies include:

  • Curatorial Expertise: The collection has been curated by renowned collectors who have a deep understanding of European art and decorative art. Their expertise in selecting artworks and objects of high quality and historical significance contributes to the appeal of the auction.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Artcurial has invested in an extensive marketing and promotion campaign to generate interest and attract potential buyers. This includes advertising in art publications, utilizing social media platforms, and reaching out to collectors and art enthusiasts through targeted marketing initiatives.
  • Collaboration with Experts: Artcurial has collaborated with experts in various fields, such as art historians, appraisers, and restorers, to ensure the authenticity and condition of the artworks. This collaboration increases the confidence of potential buyers and adds value to the auction.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: To cater to a global audience and adapt to the changing dynamics of the art market, Artcurial has upgraded its online platform. This allows bidders from around the world to participate in the auction remotely, expanding the reach and potential pool of buyers.

Key players involved in the “Eclectic Eye: A European Collection” auction include:


The distinguished collectors who have curated the collection have played a crucial role in shaping the auction. Their knowledge, taste, and expertise have ensured the selection of exceptional artworks and objects that appeal to a wide range of collectors and art enthusiasts.


The artists whose artworks are included in the auction, such as Olafur Eliasson, Peter Doig, František Kupka, and Giuseppe Penone, contribute to the prestige and desirability of the collection. Their unique styles, innovative techniques, and artistic vision are highly regarded in the art world, attracting both seasoned collectors and new buyers.


As the host of the auction, Artcurial plays a central role in ensuring its success. With its expertise, reputation, and established network of collectors, the auction house provides a platform for the sale and acquisition of high-quality artworks and decorative art. Artcurial’s knowledge and experience in auctioning art make it a trusted player in the international art market.

Community Reaction and Official Responses

The announcement of the “Eclectic Eye: A European Collection” auction has sparked excitement and anticipation among the art community. Collectors, art enthusiasts, and connoisseurs are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to view and potentially acquire these exceptional artworks and decorative art pieces.

Official responses to the auction have been positive, with experts praising the quality and diversity of the collection. The collaboration between distinguished collectors, artists, and Artcurial has been hailed as a testament to the importance of cultural heritage and the preservation of artistic traditions.

Through this auction, Artcurial aims to not only facilitate the sale of valuable artworks but also promote the appreciation and understanding of European art and decorative art. By showcasing pieces from different time periods and genres, the auction provides a platform for cultural exchange and exploration, inviting viewers to engage with the rich artistic heritage of Europe.

As the date of the auction approaches, excitement continues to build, and it is expected that the event will attract both seasoned collectors and new buyers who are drawn to the allure of the “Eclectic Eye: A European Collection” and the opportunity to acquire exceptional pieces of art.

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